Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Plaxo v. LinkedIn v. Google Sites

Building a professional portfolio can be a very time consuming task yet somewhat fun to do. The process is filled with excitement and pride. I have recently set up three. The first is using Plaxo. This site was helpful and easy to fill out taking about 30 minutes for the necessities. This site was easy to enter in other websites and connect them. This was a big plus as i have been all over the internet signing up for various sites over the past 6 weeks. What first turned out to be a big plus later turned into a huge problem. Once the site was set up with facebook it ended up looking like a facebook page with little extra information. The people who i am connected with take over the home page and it no longer looks like my site. I feel this is a good networking site, but i would not choose it to present a professional portfolio.

The second site used was LinkedIn. This is a great site and i liked it much more than Plaxo for the professional portfolio project. It was easy to set up and i felt more "invited" (if that makes any sense). I spent a little bit more time setting up this account but most of this is becuase of the technical problems with the site. Many times i tried filling in various sections and was given an error message with an apology. As i write this the entire site is down and it is very frustrating. In the end i like this site, and would prefer it over Plaxo for the professional portfolio. But without it working or being able to finish filling out neccessary information, it does me no good. Especially if i am going to count on this to get my personal information to possible employers! What if they cannot access the site? There goes my 6 figure job!

Finally, I used Google Sites. This is a great place to set up a professional portfolio and takes the lead easily. This site is a little bit difficult to work with and one needs a good amount of computer savy to get things done on it. But there is a plenty of easily accessible tutorials and videos to help you. Being able to create the home page and then add additional pages that all have the personal touch is extremely important to anyone wanting to stand out and get noticed by potential employers. This site facilitates creativity and breads inspiration. The sky is the limit! The negative to this site would be the amount of time it takes to create. I have spent over 3 hours figuring this out and have not even finished. Once again adequate computer skills are required and much time, but overall, Google Sites takes the gold. Check it out... http://sites.google.com/site/zackariapeters/

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