Friday, May 14, 2010

Assessment Assignment

So i just turned in my very first paper in the masters program. Thought i would take a break and leave a blog before i move onto the next part of the assignment. The paper was on my philosophy of assessment in P.E. Definatly thought provoking and challenging but i think i did ok. Excited to see what i got though. Also, I am teaching as a fitness instructor at a career college. The current term will be over this Thursday and i could not be happier. I teach 3 classes this term but next term will only be teaching 2. I will take a pay cut but i am excited to have some more time to spend on my other projects. Aside from school and teaching i also coach football and track at Shafter high school. Tomorrow all of us football coaches will be having a meeting regarding summer practices and conditioning. I am very excited about this because i am the strength and conditioning coach and so much of what we do this summer will be in my hands. I cannot wait to see these guys get to work and bring Shafter football back up to the top!

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