Tuesday, May 18, 2010


BUSY!, originally uploaded by zack8467.

So this is me! I sift through most of this on a daily basis. The computer has the home page of KIN 710 Technology in Physical Education, one of my classes i am enrolled in at Fresno Pacific University. Directly under the computer is the two three ring binders i have for this class as well as the other class i am enrolled in, KIN 745 Assessment in Physical Education. On the left is the Shafter football playbook, a notebook, and a three ring binder for the workout program. On the right is my grade book, books, and three ring binders for the three classes i am currently teaching at Santa Barbara Business College; Kinesiology, Fitness Theory and Practice I, and Assessment and Exercise Prescription I. BUSY!

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  1. Taking online courses is all about organization. Your shrine to education is cool.