Thursday, May 20, 2010

History to Do: Why iTeach with iPods

I literally said "WOW!" aloud when i finished reading this article. This is an amazing article that touched on a number of great aspects of technology in the classroom. A few standout points that i saw included the use of more than one learning tool; reading, writing, talking, listening. This is a great concept as students do not learn in a uniform matter. I myself learn by doing; writing and talking, and have had many students just like me. On the other hand have had classmates and students the exact opposite. This opportunity to absorb the material in more than one avenue a great concept! Another standout point for me was the responses by the students in the trial class presented. One of the students responded having a demand for higher learning thinking skills. The students clearly spent time out of class listening to the podcasts and spent the little class time they had discussing higher level, interactive concepts that would not have been discussed without the use of the ipods. These two points along with many others sold me on the use of technology and ipods in the classroom. I personally do not have an ipod as i was scared to spend the money for a "phone." I think i am going to buy one after my next paycheck!

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  1. Students today are more technologically driven than decades ago. They seem to connect much better when the assignment requires them to use the computer to complete an assignmnet, than just listening to a lecture or powerpoint presentation. I teach a high school health class and I have a few assignments that require the students to use certain computer software, such as movie maker. The students are required to make an antidrug music video. It is always amazing to watch the students when they present their assignments. They are so excited. I do not see this excitement when they turn in a research paper. Kids, today, enjoy technology, therefore, we need to find ways for them to learn by using it.

    Joan Finch