Thursday, May 20, 2010

Social Networking

"People have always been social creatures." This statement in the opening paragraph of this article clearly states one of the founding characteristics of humanity. The application of this concept to the www is just one of the ways it has evolved through the past decade. The article spent most of its content explaining various networking sites like myspace, facebook, wikipedia, and youtube. These sites allow us as humans to do what we do best; interact, socialize, share information and thoughts, and find friends. Not all people are outwardly ready to make friends, introduce oneself to the girl or guy on the other side of the room, or help a fellow classmate struggling with a math problem. These sites enable and empower users to not only better oneself but better others. Social networking has been something that i personally have tried to improve on in the past few years after i graduated from college. I found myself as a personal trainer in a gym trying to build a client base in a city i havent been in the past four years. Social networking, for me, was not only a way to express thoughts and opinions but also a way to make a living. The Internet is a great way to do that as i can post information about myself and what i do in the hopes of building client base. This is also true in education as teachers can post information about homework assignments and lectures before the next meeting. Social networking is the main reason i use the www and this article explains those reasons perfectly.

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